TORGanized Play GenCon 2019

We’ll be running some informal games at GenCon 2019 along with a massive brawl event. I’ll post more details when they are available. The basic premise of the brawl is Mobius has brought Storm Knights from across the cosms to compete for his pleasure. This will be a special PvP type of scenario run in rounds.

GenCon 2018 Events Final Schedule

This is the final list of TORGanized Play slots on offer at GenCon 2018:

Wed August 1

1pm – TORGanized Play – Day One Invasions – Union Station Edison North 12
9pm – TORGanized Play – Day One Invasions – Union Station B&O 5

Thu August 2

9am – Making Living Aventuria Your World – Lucas Oil Mtg Rm 3 (Will also cover TORGanized Play)
11pm TORGanized Play – Day One Invasions – Crowne Plaza Grand Central Stn A 2

All play slots will be Day One Adventures and new players are welcome! Pregens will be used for these events.


Events will be going up for GenCon shortly. We have games planned for Wednesday – both afternoon and late night, as well as Thursday late night. Additionally, there will be an informational seminar on Sunday morning – time will be posted at a later date.

All of the GenCon events will be Day One Scenarios. Each of these can be played for credit on your own PC! Even if you’ve already played a DAY ONE scenario, you can replay for credit.

The OP Storm is Coming!

You’ve been waiting for the game for years and it’s finally arrived! Now join other gamers around the world in a shared campaign where your choices impact everything!

TORGanized play is coming! Watch this space for more information on how the campaign will initially launch and how you can get involved.